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Yes, please check for Mis-Sold:

At Money Smart Co, we can help you claim back ALL of the money that banks and other institutions may owe you due to mis-selling.

We can check if you have a valid claim in any of these:

  • Packaged Bank Accounts (PBAs)
    We can claim back your mis-sold account fees for you | More Details
  • Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
    Reclaim PPI due the mis-selling of loans and credit | More Details
  • Investments & Savings
    You can even claim for poorly performing investments | More Details
  • Mis-Sold Mortgages, credit and store cards, Pensions
  • Also, more claims and further reclaim opportunities arise often and we will automatically contact you with how you can take advantage.

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2 We Email You a Form to Sign

3 Valid Claims Get Paid To You Directly

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Banks and other institutions have Billions of Pounds set aside to compensate those of us who have been mis-sold

Isn't it about time that you actually had a free, no-obligation check to see if you are owed money?

Can you claim - Are you unsure that you have been mis-sold?

Several million of us have been mis-sold financial products in the UK. This includes the widespread mis-selling of premium bank accounts, known as Packaged Bank Accounts, whereby you would have been charged a monthly fee for add-ons that you may have never used or even asked for. Another huge financial compensation area is PPI. This may have started to get a bad name due to the aggressive cold calling by some companies (never by us!) but shockingly there is an estimated tens of billions still left unclaimed!

Nearly all of the well-known High Street Banks have been found guilty of mis-selling and, along with other institutions, are also paying out compensation for mis-sold pensions, mortgages, store cards, credit cards and savings. In the case of Investments, you may well have a claim if you didn't even lose money but that the performance was deemed to be below the industry standard.

Free check to claim back mis-sold financial products and services

Our Simple Claims Process

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Free check for  mis-sold PBA, PPI, Investments, Pensions, Mortgages and Savings

Mis-Sold Bank Account Fees
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Claim Back PPI
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Mis-sold Investments
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